Saturday, January 12, 2013

Liebster Blog Award

Wow! Lovely Athina, a writer and blogger, has nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award. I’m so happy about this. I don’t even know why I deserve this! Athina blogs about writing at Between My Lines You can also find her on Twitter.

Liebster Blog Award is given to upcoming bloggers that have less than 200 followers and the purpose is to get to know them since we think that they deserve it. The word “Liebster” is German and means favorite. So here I am nominated for the “favorite blog award” meaning the Liebster Blog Award. My thanks to Athina for this opportunity!! :)

In order to accept and participate there are some steps:

1.    Tell 11 things about yourself.
2.    Answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
3.    Post 11 questions for those who will be nominated by you.
4.    Nominate 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
5.    Get in contact with those 11 bloggers in order to inform them that you nominated them.

11 Things about me:

1.    I am an ardent reader. I love reading any kind of book, but Detective, Horror, and YA Fantasy are my favorites.
2.    I am a writer. I started by stories and telling them to my friends under the guise that I was narrating a movie I had seen. When I was fourteen, I felt an urge to do more with those stories. And I have been writing since then.
3.    My next love after Books and Writing is Music.
4.    I love drawing, painting, and animation stuffs. In fact, I’m an all round artist, because I act in plays too.
5.    I created a blog where I can share my thoughts on writing and books, and also to connect with other writers and readers.
6.    I have written four novels. My first book is a contemporary work. I am now in the editing process of THE ROAD TAKEN, a YA Urban Fantasy, first book in a trilogy, which I hope to publish soon.
7.    My favorite movie genre is horror.
8.    I love video games. Yes, I can beat my chest and say I’ve played all of the Call of Duty series by Activision. Except for the recent one: Black Ops II.
9.    My favorite movies are Avatar and Stranger than Fiction. I love the creativity and concept of both movies.
10.    My favorite meal is garri (cassava) and onugbu (bitter leaf) soup.
11.    I hope to publish my novels soon and have it read by many people.

My answers to Athina’s questions:

1.    Why do you blog? I blog because it’s an avenue for me to share my thoughts on writing, books and other creative stuffs. And also to let my readers keep up with my writing projects and experiences.
2.    Do you read other blogs and why? Yes, I read other blogs. I read them to connect up with other writers, share ideas with them and to support them in whatever way I could.
3.    Which is your favorite book and why? THE LAST DUTY by Isidore Okpewho. I love the style. It’s a war stories and the characters tell their stories instead of the author telling it for them.
4.    What writing means for you? Writing means everything to me. Writing is a way for me to create new people, create new worlds, create ideas, to be sort of a little god, and to entertain the person reading by book. I love creating.
5.    How do you spend your free time? When I'm not writing, reading, or doing academical work, I watch movies, play video games and if I have more free time, I travel.
6.    What was your greatest moment for the year that passed? Writing ‘The End’ at the bottom of the third book of The Road Taken Trilogy, a series I started writing in 2010.
7.    Which five words describe you best? Creative, Determined, Courageous, Quiet and Romantic. Don't know if I should be saying these :)
8.    What would you encourage other people to do? Live your life while you’re alive. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Follow your dreams today.
9.    What would you change in your life if you could? Become stronger than I am. Been able to see challenges and say, ‘Yeah, I can do this!’
10. What advice you would give to a new writer? First you have to read books, read more good books. Study the craft. And do not try to edit when working on your first draft.
11. If there’s a word that would describe how you want this year to turn out, what is that word? Successful!

Now my questions to other bloggers:

1.    How would you describe your blog?
2.    Has blogging made you a better writer?
3.    What inspired you to start writing?
4.    Have you published any book, if not do you plan to publish soon?
5.    Define what success means to you as a writer?
6.    What do you do in your free time?
7.    Favorite movies?
8.    Which is your favorite book and why?
9.    Favorite authors?
10.  What are your hopes for this year?
11.  Which five words describes you best?

My eleven nominees:

1.    The Mad Hatter at
2.    Lisa DuVAL at
3.    Somi Ekhasomhi at
4.    Stella Christidis at
5.    Sophia Lin at
6.    Nitzan at
7.    Hypervorean at
8.    Scott at
9.    Jane at
10.  Mindy at
11.  Vanessa at

To my nominees, if you participate please leave a comment with your link so I can see you answers. :) Good luck to all!



  1. Thanks for nominating me, 4th person *o* (Yes, you were the 4th person... lol)

    ~Sophia @Bookwyrming Thoughts

    1. You're welcome, Sophia. So glad to know that a lot of other bloggers nominated you :) A 5th person might be on the way :)

  2. Thanks. Here's my post.

    1. Thanks, Lisa. I'm stopping by right now to view your answers and nominees :)

  3. Thanks so much!!!! Here is my post:

    1. Thanks, Mindy. Really loved the way you joined both my questions and Athina's :) Wish you the best!!

  4. OMG! Thank you so much for nominating me!!!
    Here's my post:

    Nitzan @Drugs Called Books

    1. You're welcome, Nitzan. I'm stopping by now at your blog to view your answers, questions and nominees :)

  5. Hey, thanks for nominating me! I will do my post tomorrow :)

    1. It's my pleasure. I'll love to see your post. Please let me know when you do that tomorrow.

    2. Here it is:

    3. Thanks! Heading over to your blog right now!! :)

  6. Thanks a lot for thinking of me... I will try to answer this as soon as possible (need to think of 10 bloggers first! Ahhh...)

    Will get one it! Have a great day :) xx

  7. Will get ON it, not one it (I really should read back my typing before I hit the post button! Lol...)

    1. No problem! I did understand. Please let me know when you do that. I'd love see the answers and those you nominated! :)

      Have a nice day

  8. Congratulation on your nomination. Your blog is absolutely creative and beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Mary. And many thanks for following too. I hope you enjoy the posts here :)

  9. Thank you for nominating me it means a lot to me. link to my post:
    thank you again

    1. Hi, Stella. I just stopped by your blog. I love the answers and your questions to your nominees :)

      Thanks for participating!!

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog,Kaykay!Loved reading your answers.

    I look forward to reading The Road Taken Trilogy! :)

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Nuzaifa :) Thanks for following too. I hope you enjoy the posts here!