Monday, July 29, 2013

On Writing and...On The Beach Man

When I started writing The Beach Man, I had in mind to write a short story of 100 Words. I’d seen the 100 Word Stories Series in Uzoma’s Blog. I liked it, wanted to do something like that, and so I started with the first sentence that jumped in my head: The killer doesn't lift his eyes off me as he grabs the dagger on the table. And this first sentence began a horror/suspense series that would span 13 weekly episodes. The Beach Man was a fun, and sometimes difficult story to write, but the comments the wonderful readers always dropped kept on pushing me to finish the project.

I’ve always been scared about sharing my work for people to see. Waiting for Dami’s Whistle was the first story I ever shared on this blog, and somehow I love that it didn’t get any comments. That story needs some fixing, but then I’ve decided to leave it as it is. I want to have something I can look back on someday and say, “Oh, this was when I was an amateur writer.” No, I’m not saying I’ve become a professional. English isn’t even my native language, but I keep striving every day to see that I get better in my writing and in my life as a whole.

And then it makes me happy to know I have friends who’ve encouraged me in one way or the other to better my writing.

So, I want to say thanks again to everyone who followed The Beach Man: Robyn, Athina, Uzoma, the honorable Doc. Christopher, Omolara, Jennifer, Ezike Nwadiuto, Neso, E-face, Felix, Florentine, Bella, Chinyere. To Saka, for providing the picture of the beach man—the one you see in the cover.

I might have missed some people but I appreciate everyone who has ever stopped by this blog. By visiting this place, you’ve all being an encouragement to me. So a big “THANK YOU” to you! :)

Ps: I want to use this medium to request for critiques on The Beach Man if you have some time to spare. Robyn and Uzoma have suggested that I turn it into an e-book, so I’d love to brush it up. I’ll appreciate any and all comments. Thank you!


  1. Thank you for the kind words, but it was a treat to see on Google+ that I had another Beach Man story waiting. I will certainly go back through them and jot down anything I find that needs tweaking or tinkering. I'm not sure you've looked into formatting for Kindle yet, but it's not as hard as it seems. Let me know if you need any tips in that area. I have enjoyed learning the Kindle ropes.

    Much success on your latest project, Kaykay!

    1. You're welcome, Robyn. And thanks so much for your help. I'll appreciate it. It's sometimes scary to delve into something you haven't done before. But when you have the right people to guide you, then everything becomes easier.

      I wish you the best on your current project, too. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. Thank you, Kaykay. This is very kind of you. I like reading your thoughts on The Beach Man, and it makes me sad that it ended. I knew I had something to read on Mondays and now Mondays are kind of empty.

    It's a really good idea to turn it into an e-book. I will write you my comments about it. I hope I can help.

    P.S I will read that first story. Nothing should stay unread. :)

    1. "Nothing should stay unread" Great quote. Makes me smile.

      Thanks for your good words, Athina. About the empty Mondays...I hope you'll find something else to make them full. I know there are other good stories out there. How's your latest read? I hope you're enjoying it? And France, too. :)

    2. Yes, there are never enough stories out there.
      I'm reading Nemesis, by Jo Nesbo and it's amazing. I will never get enough of Harry Hole.

      France is beautiful. It rained these days but I hope the weekend will be hotter.

      How the new project's going? One day left.

    3. I searched for Jo Nesbo's books in my area but I didn't find any, so I bought other mysteries.

      Oh, it's quite hot over here and I hope the weekend will be cooler. :)

      I hit seventy-three thousand today. I have three more chapters left, so maybe it's three days left... I had some setbacks, so I couldn't meet the end of month deadline. Thanks for asking. :)

  3. I wish you success and look forward to reading you in print someday, if not soon. The Beach Man was captivating from start to finish. This is something I sometimes struggle to create.

    Thanks for the recognition. I'm proud to be among the list of other fine bloggers/writers like yourself.

    1. You're welcome, Uzo. Thanks for your good words. I also wish to forward to reading you in print soon. I'm really enjoying We Are Not Cursed. It's a great series. :)

      Have a wonderful week, nwanne m.